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security interest of the united states. it is urgently needed. the president knows achieving this goal will be difficult, but he also has said that he will not waver in his persistent pursuit of a comprehensive peace in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his administration to the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations and the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes the prospects for success. . >> that is why we have been urged the palestinians to expand and improve their security effort, and to take strong and meaningful action. it is what we have an urged the arab states to take steps of normalization with israel. it is what we have urged israel to stop settlement activity. as i said earlier, while they fall short of a full freeze, we believe the steps announced by the prime minister are significant and could have substantial impact on the ground. for the first time ever the israeli government will stop housing approvals and on the construction of housing units. and related infrastructure in west bank settlements. that is positive development. he s
states, some people who look at the congress of the united states look at the african-american community and believe that the only people who represent african-americans in the congress of the united states are members of the congressional black caucus. and lo and behold, sometimes people wake up. there are blue dogs, yellow dogs, red dogs, no dogs. that have african-americans and latinos in their district. because a vote is a vote is a vote. my point is that there is an opportunity. and we have to understand the role that public policy plays. and we have to understand the value proposition that intelligent scholars play in helping to design and support that public policy, in a role that people play in promoting and articulating messages and supporting those kinds of public policy changes. we need to have a debate in this country right now. reverend jackson said and i agrow with him, it's time for a second stimulus. but it's time for a similar laws that -- stimulus that creates jobs in urban communities, in areas of high unemployment. it's time that we not beat around the bush and say wh
there were any number of african-americans who served in the congress of these united states, served in the united states senate. served in executive offices. do you even recall that in 1852:frederick douglass was actually nominated on a ticket to be vice president of the united states? and then, in 1901 there was this speech, i can't remember the member's name, who was the last african-american to serve and then there was a gulf of some 30 long years without vigilance. without a commitment, great progress that has been worked for can be eroded and erased. and we have to keep in mind as we think about tomorrow, the powerful lessons of history. the powerful lessons of history. i want to say this about public policy. the purpose in getting people elected to office is so they can make a difference. not so that they can have m. c. behind their name. not because they can do an occasional television interview. the purpose for getting elected to public office is not to just be there. the purpose is to work to make a difference. and that difference manifests itself in the design and implemen
responsibility of the united states without limit. senator lugar pointed out the issue of cost. you know, we have over eight years in iraq and afghanistan under the bush administration not paid for any of those military operations. now that is coming home to reckon in terms of the huge deficit. we have to move forward and support this operation responsibly. but the president -- i think the key to the president's response is laying down a strategy, informing the american public of what's at stake, and i think that when they listen and when they hear, they will be supportive, but it will be a support that has to be continually developed and strengthened going forward. >> you've both mentioned the cost. let me ask you, we're going to talk to chairman david obey of the house proportions committee later in the program. he wants a special war surtax, he wants it laid out trons parentally so the american people know, every time they get a tax bill, here's what goes to the government normally and here is what's going to pay for iraq and afghanistan. others have talked about something similar. senator ree
in the united states of america. a very audacious objective with brilliantly executed jeans. she then spent the rest of her life trying to convince the local governments miami-dade county and miami beach to develop the ordinances and other necessary legal mechanisms to protect this a national historic district. unfortunately she died three years before the full realization of her ever. but now there is a st. i believe it is tenth st. which is named for barber. eyesight her because she is the kind of person and that i believe all americans can be if they have a sufficient amount of internal self-confidence and a willingness to acquire the competencies' to be an effective citizen. this book, it "america the owner's manual" is devoted to preparing all americans for active and effective and honorable citizenship. i have defined and in this is totally my doing, but what are the 10 essentials skills of effective citizenship? barbara had most of those skills. she had the skills through her experience in marketing with a knowing the customer and how to influence the customer because of her backgrou
full circle to what we're doing here today in this important g-8 in the capital of the united states. i feel that a failure to articulate a meaningful, a global jewish identity is the biggest threat currently facing the jewish people. [applause] i want to see our people united, joined by global destiny and mission. a small people, but one that is influential and critical to civilization. we are all here today because ugc, the jewish federations of north america, had created a remarkable network with another organization where we can have communications about identity globally and envision tomorrow and create a stronger jewish future. when we do we can deal with the gall stones -- lies and forgeries. i think in this city they are fond of the expression "yes, we can," but this will take board. do not let this be simply a place for schmooze and catch up with friends and colleagues. we have a larger agenda to address. we must be a think tank to create a vision of jewish people for this century. we're here to create a division. who could have imagined that the jew would one day run at one of
for racial justice in the united states as a matter of human rights law for quite some time. i stand here almost 6 feet tall, standing on the shoulders of people like wpp the boys -- web dubois and various song and the unsung heroes who saw that our struggle in the united states to transition from chattel slaves to persons, from persons to citizens, and we are still moving in that direction, that that was not just about what happens in the united states to people of african descent who so happen to of landed here. it is part of a conversation. we are part of a global community and part of understanding the notion that perhaps we're post-civil rights is recognizing that the way we got to civil-rights was an unnecessary narrowing of our own agenda, which was couched in human rights terms until mccarthyism, communist scare forced us to narrow our agenda rather than to embrace the fullness of the agenda as it was originally understood. what did we lose? in moving from human-rights to civil rights, we moved in the direction that imposes on our government no obligation to ensure that the rights
1 virus... each year, the seasonal flu kills 36,000 people in the united states - hospitalizes more than 200-thousand people... and costs the u-s economy more than 10 billion dollars in lost productivity and direct medical expenses.. experts say if h1n1 becomes more deadly.. there's a potential to see a lot more damage to the us economy. if h1n1 spreads the effect could be greater than we think.. as of august, all 50 states and 2 territories were affected and it could be a rough ride and all businesses need to be prepared. here's what experts say companies should be doing to prepare for the possible worsening of the effects of h1n1 update sick leave policies.. and temporarily forego requiring doctors notes if employees are sick. improve air circulation inside work environments... and have an emergency communications plan in place. still to come the verdict is in on the first major criminal case of the financial crisis... we talk about the impact it could have on any future cases... plus... are small business getting a chance to grow... a look at the lending environment coming up so,
these are men who are either legal residents of the united states or in some cases citizens of the united states. and the reason why the f.b.i. became so concerned is it was... it seemed to be a much broader attempt at attempting to radicalize people in the united states than they've really seen before. >> warner: how did the justice department first get wise to this. >> the interesting facet of this. essentially the families of many of the young men came forward to ask that the f.b.i. help in finding them. you know, many of these older relatives of the young men were concerned that this was going on. they had inklings but no concrete facts to base that on. they came to f.b.i. asking for help to find their sons. >> warner: these young men had just disappeared. >> in many cases, yes, they had essentially packed up and gone and the family feared the worst. >> warner: has it been absolutelyly established that as the charges lay out that some of these young men at least have shown up in somalia, they have gone to terrorist training camps? they have even engaged in combat? >> yes, there is one partic
of newark, new jersey. when a soldier returns to the united states from iraq or of denniston, they are inundated with the problems many americans face today. that includes unemployment, an empty refrigerator, shut off notices, or an eviction notice. our organization has assisted thousands of families with these problems as they arise by hosting job fairs and providing direct financial assistance to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. it is not enough. the root of the financial difficulties usually stems from unemployment. a veteran cannot pay for groceries if they are unemployed. they cannot pay for utilities if they are unemployed. they cannot afford mortgages they are unemployed. unlike the rest of us, these men and women have been defending our nation's freedom against the threat of terrorism, causing them to miss years of their lives. our nation's veterans deserve our patients, assistance, and understanding. it will take time to put their lives back on track. the department of labor's office of federal contract compliance tracks numbers on the number o
mr. tennant was, who did we have on the ground that was responsible directly to the united states of america to verify this information? if we knew the street addresses and have pictures and prices somebody ought to be able to go and look in the window are not on the door and see what is on the other side. how many people did the united states have been a country of about 30 million people to verify these 550 places, the answer was zero. so we were totally reliant on this group of highly conflicted exiles. that was all i needed to hear to have serious doubts at the validity of this information upon which we ultimately went to war with, i think, disaster consequence. .. >> if people are trying to get involved and they see that this government seems broken and does not work they get cynical said on top of that asking about "the new york times" max wrangle said he is not read about the existence of that but the newspapers in the country and of those go down they will learn of local problems to get them involved so how the system seems not to be working and the decline of the press wh
and the democratic and republican party. we need to start operating like the united states instead of everybody trying to get what their states need. i am from oregon. we get a free ride on this. i do not want anything off of my countrymen's back. i do not need it. host: think you for your participation. up next, we will share from the agricultural secretary, tom vilsack about food security in the united states. we will be right back. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> this weekend the u.s. financial crisis. nomi prins will be on. sunday afternoon, three new books about sarah palin, including a book signing. scott conroy on sarah from alaska. >> american icon, three nights of c-span original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government. beginning thursday night at 8:00 eastern, the supreme court, home to america's highest court, reveals the building in exquisite detail. saturday at 8:00 eastern, the capital. famerican icon, three memorable nights. this day, friday, and saturday at
conversation, even though rick's not here, you can still call us, in the united states the number is 1-877-742-5751. >>> hey, rick, this is taylor, 35,000 more troops to afghanistan? no, we need to deploy them here and bring the troops over there here and take back our inner cities, fight the gangs, the crimes in our inner cities here, take care of home. >>> got a couple of big stories out of the white house today. it now turns out that the president is planning to make a personal appearance as a global climate change summit in copenhagen next month. and here's the real news t white house says that he is prepared to offer reduction of 17% in america's greenhouse gas emission, 17% below 2005 levels. that has potentially big ramifications, particularly for the cost of energy and the cost of doing business. but what's more important, your wallet or the earth? we'll be keeping an eye on that. >>> the other big story, afghanistan, the president's big announcement on troop re-enforcements is now set for tuesday evening, 8:00 p.m. eastern, from the campus of the united states military academy
to represent his family, his church, and the state of utah, and the united states of america. >> reporter: a senior fbi official tells nbc news that a search of nidal malik hasan's e-mails, computers, and phone records has turned up nothing that would change the original assessment that he acted alone. investigators also found no notes or videos left behind by hasan. as the investigation into the shooting continues, a question has been raised about whether some of the victims were hit by friendly fire, given the number of wounds and shots reported. >> it's difficult for me to conceive of one man, an inexpert man, wielding two pistols, changing magazines to fire 100 shots with nothing further happening. >> reporter: the military though denies the friendly fire allegations. amid concerns that muslim-americans might now face a backlash as seen on this sign outside ft. hood, president obama in his internet address spoke about the value of diversity in the military. >> there are christians and muslims, jews and hindus, and nonbelievers thp they a er nonbelievers. they reflect the disveversity
. >> a united states senate makes a critical vote in the health-care debate. that story is coming up. >> we are watching a storm to the south. we will talk abo >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 6 in hd. >> baltimore's mayor is keeping up appearances as her fate rests in the hands of the jury. our big story tonight is the criminal trial of baltimore mayor sheila dixon after the jury in her theft trial was sent home to the weekend. she got back to work. we are live downtown with details. >> the jury may be hung once again, but the mayor is out and about, keeping up with her public schedule even though the fate of her trial still hangs in the balance. just a short time ago, the mayor welcome at santa for the first meeting at the inner harbor. we tried to ask her how she was holding up after the 10-our jury deliberation, and still no verdict. she did not respond today, but earlier she was at a dedication for the park, and she told 11 news that she was keeping up with your schedule as planned. >> i am here, out, continuing to work. >> ready for this all to be over? >> of
. governing magazine rates utah and virginia as having two of the best run governments in the united states. you tell me whether you think virginia government or utah state government, are they somehow much more corrupt than the federal government, the federal system? most people in the state would tell you did think that probably have a cleaner government than the federal system. >> i promised the gentleman behind christina. >> thank you. my name is karen rose. i live in seattle washington. one question was just asked. i want to go back to the question. i voted for ralph nader, and i am still repenting for that sin. >> i hope that this tongue in cheek. >> the question about voter turnout. very ms. is there a correlationn an increase of voter turnout and support for the third party and from the campaign finance reform purses the lower turnout? other than every four years high-profile election voter turnout in the united states is very, very low. i just went out to dr. bennett's point, he mentions a wrong which is a good example. i believe in afghanistan had 28 candidates on their ballots in
in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done more effectively in the united states. >> jim agrees and hopes other manufacturers will follow his lead. >> i think people are afraid to make the commitment to lean, to automation, to reinvesting in the factories, because they have this stigma in their mind. they have this belief that you can't make it effectively and profitably in america. it is not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely and it can be done. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> being confined to wheelchairs is not stopping some people who have found a way to get their competitive juices flowing. we are going to introduce you to a game that made it's mark overseas but it is now catching on in the u.s. >>> tiger woods is not talking about his one-car accident. hear what investigators heard when they went to his house to get answers. >> get out of my face. what are you doing? >> cindy sheehan had an explosive exchange with a man who s
assaulting a child. >>> somali pirates have hijacked a tanker on its way to the united states. a european union spokesperson says the ship was taken about 800 miles from somalia yesterday. it has 28 crew members, none of them from the united states. somali pirates have taken dozens of ships, but this may be only the second attack of an oil tanker. >>> tiger wood sincere talking about a car accident over the weekend, but he's not talking to police about it. rafer weigel has more about that. >> tiger and his wife erks elin, turned away from cops. under florida law, he technically does not have to talk to police. his attorney says, quote, it's a private matter. the accident happened early friday when woods ran his suv over a fire hydrant and crashed into a tree. he did release this statement on his website yesterday which reads, in part, although i understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. the only person responsible for the accident is me. that's a curious statement, robin. a tabloid
: good morning. yes, had there are deep points of disagreement between the united states and china. both presidents attempted to address critical issues while walking a delicate line. president obama and chinese president president hu engine take you appear ready to take on the big he is problems together. >> we know the relationship goes far beyond any single issue. >> reporter: following hours of talks, both sides stressed the importance of a united front and agreed to combat a host of issues from the economy and climate change -- >> we are creating a joint clean energy research center and have achieved agreements on energy efficiency. >> reporter: -- to nuclear threats from north korea and iran. >> iran has an opportunity to present and demonstrate its peaceful intention, but about it fail, there will be consequences. >> reporter: despite the new pledges of cooperation, it's clear both sides are still divided on several issues that won't be resolved during president obama's first visit. >> our relationship going forward will not be without disagreement or difficulty. >> reporter: that
, michael, on the side of the united states in terms of a commitment to afghanistan and that doesn't just mean our european allies but also pakistan where do we stand with that country? >> you know, i'm not sure what the latest is. clearly, the president has been -- the president and his top people have been pushing for months now greater cooperation from pakistan on helping to resolve this situation. obviously, you know, there's deep distrust between the pakistanis and afghanistan, especially the government in afghanistan now being as shaky as it is. one thing that did happen today, the brits announced that nato allies will be providing about an additional 5,000 troops, which gives president obama a little bit of wiggle room to maybe go somewhat lower than he might otherwise have, below the 40,000 that general mcchrystal originally subjected. >> michael shear and barry mccaffrey, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. >>> following breaking news in utah county, a rescue team working to free a man trapped in a cave. the 26-year-old is stuck 150 feet underground in what's called t
. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama, accompanied by his ex lensy, the prime minister of the mrs. kahr. [hail to the chief playing] applause applause >> please be seated. good evening, everyone. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. afga bahboute. many of you were here when i was honored to become the first president to help celebrate devali, the festival of lights. [applause] >> some of you were here for the first white house celebration of the birth of the founder of sikhism. [applause] tonight we gather again for the first state dinner of my presidency with prime minister manmohan singh and mrs. gorshon kahr as we celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. as we all know in india some of life's most treasured moments are often celebrated under the cover of a beautiful tent. it's a little like tonight. we have beautiful food, music and are surrounded boy great friends. but it's been said that most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty withi
of thousands of combat troops from the united states that are going to be directly involved in taking on insurgents in this growing taliban. this could be kind of a murky mission, if you will. that's what people are afraid of. senior administration officials i talked to say, look, they understand the president has to make it very clear what the mission is and that in fact the afghanistan government has a commitment on its side and there's going to be an exit strategy here. they are not going to be tied down in something unending. >> as the president gets ready to address the nation tomorrow night, what do we expect the president to say. >> reporter: there are going to be some things that are very clear. first of all, we're talking somewhere in the rarng of 35,000 additional forces that the president is going to call for. this is going to be a total of 100,000 or so on the ground in afghanistan. the cost they are talking about $75 billion a year for this war effort. but they are going to say that, look, nato allies are contributing 5,000 forces or so. clear expectations from the afghan
. >> we are already working with the government of the united states of america on securing the state of the iraqi borders. second, what my colleague will lott said that is he has a selective way of choosing things. we have a long list of statements by u.s. generals and iraq, on the record, and we will give you the names. send me an e-mail that will give you my card right now. i want to be a long list of official, on the occurred quotations by top-ranking american journalists in iraq saying that of -- top-ranking american generals and direct saying that of course the worst problem of the insurgents in iraq, but they did not come to more than 2% or 3% of the total number of insurgents in iraq. . mainly homegrown. do we allow them to cross into iraq to? of coarse we don't. regardless of public statements i'm sorry i can't disclose everything, but i will say it this way. we are actually working with the obama administration decision. we are working with the u.s. military on this issue. "-begin-double-quote we've be there. people always try to tell you misinformation or disinformation, in
, there is an iident there. >>> new this morning, a stern warning from the united states as afghan president hamid karzai was sworn in for a second term. he will spend five more years in control of the war-torn country. he pledged afghan forces would take over security within that time. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the ceremony and offered support but says the united states expects karzai to crack down on corruption in his couny. >>> president obama is on his way back to the united states after wrapping up his tour of asia. we will stop in alaska to refuel before continuing on to the district. mr.obama met with the south korean president and they discussed punishment against iran for continuing the nuclear weapons projects. president obama says the latest measures will be developed over the next several week but is not giving specifics so far. >>> another big story we are following, the democrats' health care bill will likely face an early showdown on the senate floor. the latest bill would cover # 1 million uninsured americans an set up he can changes that would help people get an
. these are from the united states. 49.1 million people inside the united states are in food insecure households according to the department of agriculture. within that we'll show you the number of children. 16.7 million children in food insecure households. we're talking about one in six americans and those figures come from 2008. we all know what the economy has been like throughout this past year. plenty of indications the number of hungry in america has gone up. let me show you how you can help. cnn.com/impact has a whole here. so you see how it works. you can find out about all sorts of different ways to help people. i brought specifically you to the section of poverty and hunger. zoom in here. it says take action. it will link you to numerous organizations that help people who are facing hunger. for example, i'll show you over here. this is one of the organizations that we talked to you about. here's another one over here. action against hunger. we give you information about them. and there's also something else that's really interesting. we hook you up to charity navigator. this is a grou
celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, bring our countries closer together than ever before. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our people. >> all right. according to "the washington post," a new forecast from the federal reserve shows the nation's unemployment rate will stay elevated for years. >> oh, my goodness, this is just bad news for america. >> it does, especially after yesterday's news about the real unemployment rate. in october, the figure hit 10th.2%, a 26-year high. >> we talked about how it's going to affect the elections in 2010 around here because we talk about politics, but this recession may affect the 2012 election and the 2014 election. when we talk about, mort, that we've reset the economy, that we're not going to be driven by just crazed consumerism, that means something. we either start building things here in this country again, or this economy doesn't turn around, and people don't get back to work.
as they try to pass from meco to the united states. >> it's cold out there tonight. >> it almost feels like december. it almost is december. >> we're not ready to feel it. it was an interesting day to watch the sky. a little bit of small hail frr the showerers on to the northwest. more than rain drops. a couple clouds. those were all snow flakes. the high temperature, noontime made it up to 50 degrees. now, we are up to 41 degrees. this novr is almost four wgs warmer than last month? art temperatures or high temperatures, here we are 50. 50s, 60s, 70s. 72, a record high temperature. in the middle part of the country, no sign of real cold stuff coming our way. 30s in the bismarck as we head toward december. there, you can see the overall pattern with ripples moving along. we'll continue to see them, as we get into the week, more rains coming our way. for the big travel day, wisconsin, minnesota, rainshowers in the southwest. up and down the east coast, no matter where you're going and drying. travel conditions will be great. no problems, no storms and dry. in pittsburgh there were snow showe
in on the united states. you're going to hear what kind of trouble hurricane ida could be bringing. >>> is there a connection between the fort hood shooting suspect and 9/11 hijackers? no evidence yet but the fbi think there's reason enough to look into that. >>> plus a big question today for the supreme court. what punishment is too harsh for kids who commit crimes? >>> first, though, the u.s. gulf coast is about to get hit by the season's first atlantic hurricane, ida. a category one storm with 90-mile-an-hour winds. it made a mess in nicaragua and is due to make landfall near the alabama-mississippi state line tomorrow. louisiana already declared a state of emergency. >>> is it just me or does it seem like it's a surprise that it's november and we're just now getting our first storm from the atlantic? >> it is kind of odd. less than 5% of all tropical storms or hurricanes happen in the month of november during a season so it's odd but we're breaking the odds. this is updated within the last minute. winds are down to 80 miles per hour. still a hurricane, category 1, but continues
the united states is trying to do for these people. and just saying hey, we're here to support you. >> reporter: a marine battalion will likely be the first new unit to arrive here under the president's soon to be announced plan. about 1500 additional marines. the marines top commander made a special visit here today. >> we're probably going to be the first out the door, and marines are ready to do that. >> reporter: captain ryan benson is a company commander, responsible for a huge swath of southern afghanistan. he says more marines could mean he'll be able to focus more intensely on a smaller area. >> if we're able to focus on other areas and bring on marines to focus on the areas we can't, we'd be able to touch a lot more afghans. >> reporter: of course, a new strategy and troop commitment means marines will be here for many thanksgivings to come. for eric collins, this thanksgiving was his first away from home. he wanted to send a message to his family in clay county, kentucky. >> hope the lord takes care of you in every which way, and to my mom, i love you. i just can't help t
. some say he shouldn't have been in the army at that point. >> as a major in united states army he is without permission contacting an american enemy overseas in time of war, it should disqualify him from serve in the united states military. >> the military said it had no idea hasan was in contact with any muslim extremists. >>> veterans around the country are being honored. a wreath laying ceremony will be held later at the world war ii memorial, open to the public beginning at 8:00 this morning. >>> the vietnam veteran's memorial will be holding a service. president obama will commemorate the day at the tomb of the unknowns. >>> a teen tanning band will take effect in howard county. there was a hearing at the board of health yesterday to discuss the issue before the board unanimously approved it. it bans anyone under 18 from using the indoor tanning devices. the international agency on cancer recently classified tanning beds as cancer causing agents. >>> time is 5:06. 53 degrees. you can get a vaccine, but your pet cannot. >>> this morning a warning from vets, you be loved pet co
, it was a terrific event for india, for the united states. and it's just so darn sad that these two wackos have to get the attention three straight days on the front page of the "washington post." i mean, "the new york times." >> alex, i can't say this couple is losers. i don't know who they are. i never heard of the guy running the polo club or whatever it is. they've been on every tv show, the front page. brian williams, i understand, led with him and he was discussing the incident. the whole country is talking about this three or four days after the dinner, and they're -- >> so, in this country, we are so obsessed with fame and we've got the whole reality tv obsession going, does this mean these two have a future on the social circuit there in washington? are they now the top dogs? >> see, this is the trouble with this. pat and i were talking about this, alex. look, how do you become to be famous? pretty easy, facebook. but this is also the time people around their thanksgiving tables are talking about this stuff. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i was, too! >> everybody knows more about this than they
the september 11 terror attacks in the united states, tales of heroism would come out of that chaos in mumbai. among them a train announcer who guided people to safety and made himself a target of the gunmen. sara sidner has that story. >> reporter: in a tiny room in a mumbai slum gongo does her chores filled with regret. she can't stop thinking about the day her family decided to do something they had never done before. we were going on a trip, she says, we had a reservation done. we had never ever traveled by train before. at 9:10 p.m. on november 26, 2008, 12 members of the family showed up a at the train station. as usual it was busy. their train was scheduled to leave in a few minutes. we were about to leave, she says. then we heard a sound. it was the sound of gun shots. at that moment, two men shown here on closed circuit tv, started randomly shooting into the crowds. from a bird's-eye view, this man saw it happening. they were screaming, shouting and running out, he says. that is when we realized there were terrorists here. he was on duty when the attacks happened. that night, terror
for pictures with rahm emanuel and the vice president of the united states. >> it's just unbelievable to me. the couple posted pictures of themselves on facebook hanging out with the vice president. and the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. a woman describing herself as the publicist for this couple says that they were fully cleared to attend the event. oh, honey, we have a lot more to talk about than just that. so who are the salehis? richard lui takes a closer look in about ten minutes. >>> you may be up earlier than normal to do the cooking and baking today. others are up early to stake their place in new york. 31 balloons including snoopy and spongebob square pants have been inflated for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. thousands of people are expected at this morning's parade including santa claus. >>> yesterday you know was a busy travel day but many people avoided the airports. aaa reports air travel could be down by more than 6% this year. check out the crowds at penn station in new york yesterday. many people chose to go by train, be bus or car. apparently because it is c
no better friend than the united states. >> india will play a pivotal role in meeting the major challenges we face today. this includes my top economic priority. creating good jobs with good wages for the american people. so i believe that the relationship between the united states and india will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. >> tonight's black tie affair on the white house south lawn in that structure is expected to draw 320 of washington and hollywood elite. and headlines the night's entertainment lineup, grammy winner jennifer hudson. nbc's norah o'donnell joins us live from washington. in terms of culture, is there a reason why the administration picked india? that maybe it means more to indians in terms of culture than, say, other countries? >> reporter: yeah. india, of course, the world's second largest or the world's largest democracy. the u.s. the other world's largest democracy. and so that was important. also because it's very important as a global economic power house. so that's one way -- that's one reason that the white house chose india to honor the
the military, against the united states, then i would have to say that was an extreme action that he took. >> that was major khalid shabazz, a muslim chaplain who met suspected gunman major hasan at ft. hood. >> one of many people at ft. hood who knew major hasan. it's not just a military base, rather, it's a closely knit community of thousands of families. >> this morning they are in shock because the danger was right there at home. erin hayes reports. >> reporter: this is a place that has known sorrow and loss in the past. families sent their soldiers to war knowing they might not return. but that sacrifice made sense to them. michael shaklee and his father served together. when we visited with them at ft. hood they explained why they were headed to battle. >> i've got two beautiful granddaughters. i want them safe. to be able to not be worried about a bomb blowing up somewhere. >> motivates me to get over there, you know. do my job, come back safely to my kids and my wife. i'm going away for a year to preserve, you know, what we have now. >> reporter: that is what resonated here each t
, i do believe that. >> i would rather her have a talk show rather than vice president of the united states. but i still like her. >> reporter: she was always a draw in the michigan heartland but the mccain/palin ticket fell behind. in going rogue she says, they should make a quick run over the state line to hold a grassroots rally. she said it would be fast, it would be free, it would be maverick-y. the campaign said no, so she promised to return. leaving the door open to politics. >> what do you think of the news week cover? >> i think this is quite cheesy and i never would have posed for news week in shorts. >> john mccain came out swinging said he agrees with steve schmidt. >> i have great respect for john mccain. >> reporter: tonight palin made it clear that if she decides on a political future, she'll be going rogue, taking on the republican establishment. andrea mitchell, nbc news, grand rapids, michigan. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> a heated police shoot-out in cincinnati was captured on camera. an armed suspect fled hi
this doesn't happen. >> on what authority in the united states constitution deals this congress the right to mandate that every citizen must be purchase a health care policy. there is no such constitutional authority. >> reporter: as lawmakers in the house debate, hundreds of protestors have gathered in the nation's capital to get their voices heard. [ boos ] >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on whether or not this version of the bill will move forward. in washingn, molly hinenburg, pox news. >>> the biggest sticking pointemains the government's public option. yesterday, mayor representative hoyer was hinting there could be a delay in the vote. eastbound if the house passes the bill it will face hurdles in the senate. >>> if things in fairfax county are any indication, children are getting good access to the swine flu vaccine. the clinic at a fairfax county government center was originally just supposed to be for children ages 4 to 9. but there was enough vaccine top it up to everyone between six months and 18 years old. pregnant women also received access to and by early afterno
decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonnell is poised to become the first republican elected governor since jim gilmore in 199 7. >>> a story in montgomery county. a toddler has been killed and we understand he may have been playing with a c
to those gathered in the tent having thanksgiving dinner. suddenly, the president of the united states appeared. >> i bring a message on behalf of america. we thank you for your service. we're proud of you. >> reporter: a stealth mission. a mix of daring and caring. a leader, sacrificing his holiday to be with his troops. >> it was also very much in the mold of his dad. it was all about showing support for the troops. >> reporter: george h.w. bush spent thanksgiving 1990 in saudi arabia, during the first gulf but despite the enduring images of recent thanksgivings, historian richard norton smith would argue, it's just fine when the president stays home. >> by and large the message that most presidents send on thanksgiving day is, we're like you. some time after thanksgiving day at the white house, camp david, they'll sit down for a traditional meal. with the family. and close friends. probably watching football afterwards. probably eat too much. it's one of those rituals that brings us together as a country. >> reporter: a ritual that i very much linked to the presidency. the first pre
is the first world leader to make a formal state visit to the united states since mr. obama took office. after the elaborate welcoming ceremony in the white house east room, they exchanged greetings and disappeared into a private meeting. both leaders are pledging to cooperate over a large range of issues from terrorism to climate change. >> as leading economy, the united states and india can strengthen the global economic recovery, promote trade that creates jobs for both our people, and pursue growth that is balanced and sustained. as nuclear powers, ke were be full patter ins in preventing the spread of the world's most deadly weapons, securing loose nuclear material from terrorists and pursuing our vision of a world without nuclear weapons. >> all right. the president and prime minister have emerged from their meeting and they're now making states, and taking questions as well. we wanted to bring that to you and, of course, the first state visit of the obama presidency means the first state dinner as well. the president and first lady will host a formal event for the indian prime minister
, a lot of that when the chinese ship products to the united states, we americans buy their goods. and we, of course, pay dollars. so china right now is sitting on a big sack of u.s. money which they invest in america. >> say that the chinese sack of dollars is $1.4 trillion thick. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. so some chinese are asking, why not take the profits that china has made in america and sell u.s. stocks and bonds and dollars and turn them into chinese money so china can fix some of the problems they've got at home? so if china is going to change $1 trillion into chinese money, that means china is going to sell $1 trillion. and buy a huge amount of chinese money. and moving that much wealth from one nation to the other will lower the value of the u.s. dollar, raise the value of chinese money, with the unfortunate effect that then anything made in china becomes more expensive in america. >> if they take $1.4 trillion out of the united states and pour it into china, the value of the chinese currency is going to more than double. if it more than doubles, everything we buy fro
the southeastern united states, has pushed into the mid- atlantic. this is rain from two different sources, from a cold front that is out to our west. that will be pushing through here and from the remnants of ida all pushing into the region. it will give us a wet couple of days as a matter of fact. our current temperature, 53 degrees. relative humidity, 71%. winds are out of the north at 15 miles per hour. it will be breezy today too. here is your forecast for today. clouds, rain, breezy conditions, cool temperatures. our temperatures remaining fairly steady. we are looking if a high of only about 55 degrees. we are actually at 55 an hour or so ago. we might get there again but that will be about it. more details on the forecast and the cha for the latter part of this week that are coming as well. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning on this wednesday morning. >> good morning to you all. it is a wet federal holiday and we are dealing a with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. be careful traveling the out are loop coming from co
, that they are swearing to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. and obey the orders of the president of the united states and the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the uniform code of military justice. i think that's pretty clear. >> we had a question in the back over here. >> general, with u.s. news and world report. >> i was going over here. >> i would like to get a question from a nonmember of the press, from one of the audience members. >> jody west of cyberrisk. general, we have alcatel, lucent, eads, a number of the european defense contractors over here. with national security agreements actively competing for our procurement dollars. we are increasingly, though, fighting with allied forces in different venues around the world. yet we're the only country with the exception of u.k., a little bit, that really has network centric warfare. what are we doing or can we do or should we do to try to get more procurements overseas to help build up their network centric capabilities so we don't have to do all the war fighting? >> first of all, if i could with
to justice. in october of 2000, the terrorist attack on the united states cole killed 17 american sailors. today, we announce a step forward bringing those we believe responsible for the attacks to justice. five detainees at guantanamo have been charged with participation in the 9/11 plot. they are colleague cheat on it -- khalid sheikh mohammed, ramsi bi al-sheebm, ali abdul aziz- ali, and moussaoui. these proceedings have been states since february, as have those against four other detainees accused of other crimes. a case in military commissions was withdrawn in february. in the past several months, prosecutors have been working with prosecutors from the pentagon and office of military commissions to reduce the -- review the case of each detainee at guantanamo referred for prosecution. over the past few weeks, i have personally reviewed these cases and in consultation with the secretary of defense have made determination's about the prosecution of detainees now held at guantanamo, including those charged with the 9/11 plot. today i am announcing that the department of justice will purs
be doing because that's part of this. the united states, we presume, we believe, will probably be talking about 34,000 additional troops but they need more and they want a commitment from nato. the president yesterday made it very clear that it's not just one country's problem. the world as he put it has to contribute and that means the allies. they need that help very much from nato and other countries. >> cnn foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty at the white house for us today. appreciate it. thank you. the president will make his strategy speech regarding afghanistan next tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll carry it for you live right here on cnn. >>> big story from cnn wire now. brass at ft. hood, texas, are putting tougher security measures in place. armed guards will be posted at mental health facilities, badge access required for more buildings and soldiers will have to register personal firearms. >> a lot of folks say to me, do you really think these measures would have had an affect on this event. i don't think necessarily they would have. but i think really what we're lo
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